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My huge and rare collection is now for sale. All my singles, 7 and 12, were sent directly to me by most major and lots of minor record companies.

They span a period from the early 60s until the late 80s and include both 7 and 12 singles and a lesser quantity of albums.

The majority are demos, DJ copies, white labels. etc., and 90% or more went straight on to my shelves and have never been played. So mint condition, in my case, usually means unplayed with only some possible fading to the sleeve, cover, from years of storage. The sleeves on most are still mint.

In 7 I have all the soul, motown, reggae labels, plus dozens of smaller labels that featured all British Genres of pop, rock and progressive.

My 12 are still in storage so will be listed later. They contain all forms of disco, dance, pop, etc. I was sent an average of 20-40 per week, by the record companies, so you can imagine the amount in my collection. A few are already listed.

The 7 collection are on my shelves so will be listed as they are catalogued. Most are filed under labels (except Reggae and some major artists), but I can find any record so please ask if you have an inquiry.

I have already come across very rare singles. The prices for sale are based upon the , Record Collector Magazine, rare records price guide. Where mine are unplayed, new and often  DJ demos, the price may be higher than the guide to reflect that it has never been played, or is a demo.

See VINYL LISTS page for sales lists, or email me for list requests or to look up an individual record. Lists will appear gradually as I get them catalogued on computer. Shipping can be quoted to anywhere in the world.  

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