Very Rare record102

Very Rare examples listed here

Values are from Record Collector Magazine, Rare Records Price Guide 2008

These are for mint, regular releases. Selling price may be more if Demo DJ copy or, and  completely unplayed, or less if not in Mint condition. Most in my collection are Mint, unplayed.   All vinyl were given to me by the record companies and have been in my collection ever since. Values and prices are in UK £ (pounds).

 Artist/             Title/                          Label / Date/Promo/Condition/Cover/Value/Price

Black Sabbath   Children of the Grave    Phonogram DJ 005 1972   Yes        M               M        400.00 450.00                         Unplayed, stored since new. Only 100 DJ promos issued. Roadhouse Blues by Status Quo on b side. Plain sleeve

The Fleur De Lys   Circles                        Immediate IM 032 1966     No       M                 EX       500.00 550.00                       Unplayed, stored since new. In company sleeve

The Game   The Addicted Man               Parlophone R 5553 1966     Yes     M                 M       750.00 800.00                       Unplayed, stored since new. Demo copy in company sleeve

Bob Marley   Reggae On Broadway         CBS       CBS8114   1972     No        M                 EX     400.00   400.00                   Unplayed, stored since new. Signed in pen on A side ‘Love Bob Marley’ & sent direct to me by CBS records.                Completely authentic.                                                         



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